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This page serves to briefly explain what AVC is and what it is used for. Furthermore, some usage commands are shown.

The app is called Arduino Voice Command because it allows you to interface the smartphone with an Arduino device provided with WIFI or internet connection. Moreover the commands can be set vocally instead of pressing the buttons.

The app was born as a testing tool to prototype and control systems managed with Arduino, but it can work with any device that supports TCP and UDP protocols.

It is natural for the user, in order to use this app, to know some basic technical aspects:

Hardware platform Arduino

Module ESP 8266 (WIFI connection)

TCP Protocol

UDP Protocol 

Short instructions for use:

How to create a command:

In the main view press the ‘+’ button

Then enter the name of the command (which will also be recognized vocally), the command to send to the device, the IP address with the port, if the command waits confirmation after pressing the button, the protocol used and the color that appears in the list of the commands.

Press the confirmation button to store the data.

Edit / delete / duplicate a command:

Press and hold for a second on the command line. At the top you will see the menu of possible actions in the form of icons.

Global options:

Press on the wrench of the action bar.

More options:

Import / Export: save the list in the Download folder of the device in JSON format (inside the AVC2CommandListEXT folder)Help: questa pagina.

Privacy: the privacy policy page.

Responses from Arduino:

Any responses from the Arduino are displayed within a Toast.

If the “Confirmation voice off / on” option is enabled, the answer will be read.


For any questions or suggestions you can contact us from the page of our website.

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