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Nowadays we are used to control devices via remote controls and buttons, but we are not used to control these things by voice. We know the voice recognition technology thanks to Apple and Google, but a few of us know that it can also be used at home for simple applications such as turning on a light.

User instructions

The app is essentially composed of four views:

1) Main view with a central button for voice access.

2) View for entering commands.

3) Views for access to commands set by using the buttons.

4) View for any replies.

Let us look at individual views.

Main View

The main view allows access through the upper buttons to input commands views and the preset commands.

It must be said that if no commands were created, the first thing to do is to create at least one.

Pressing the central button, the app is listening mode and you can enter your own voice command (which must be between those inserted, and therefore recognizable).

If controls were not included a pop-up warn you that you have to insert at least one.

Insert commands view

In this view we can enter up to 5 commands.

For each command is required the command name (which is what we use for voice command and which will appear on the buttons) and the sequence to be sent to the board.

An example of a sequence to be sent to the board could be ‘BLINK @ 0 = 255,0,0,500,500 #’ in the case of a system that intends to change the values of an LED plus the delay of the flash or a simple query like ‘qtit = a & qdur = 60 ‘in the case of a request for a title that starts with’ a ‘and time’ 60 ‘.

One important thing to enter is the URL of the device, or its address in such form ‘’, so that this can be found in our wi-fi network. Important: Connection only possible over Port 80.

Finally, you can declare a specific address in case you want to communicate with a PHP page.

For example, to obtain data from a search, you may call a page ‘search.php?’.

It should be recognized that all requests utilize the HttpRequest and then the data must be filtered if necessary side Arduino.

View access to controls

In this view all configured buttons appear, just press them to run the command set.

The uppermost button is used to access voice mode.

Responses View

This view appears when the app receives a basic answer to your request.

In this case, in addition to confirming that the system has performed the controls, you can view all the response data that can be in raw mode or in JSON format.

In the case of JSON the data are parsed and formatted for easy reading.

For any questions or suggestions you can contact us from the page of our website.

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